when will hoyt release 2022 bows
The Ventum Pro 30 has a 6-inch brace height, 4.45-pound mass weight and accommodates draw lengths from 25-30 inches. Hunting Bows; Accessories; Hoyt Life SUPPORT EMPLOYMENT Target Archery; RESOURCES DEALER LOCATOR CATALOG; MORE FROM HOYT Online Store; TARGET BOWS. Almost as boring as Bowtech's unveiling. You'll find it in this slick new bow that wears a price tag under $600. At the range I found the draw of the VTM to be exceptionally smooth 65 pounds felt more like 50. Hoyt just released their 2023 range of hunting and target bows. Get in and place your pre orders now for the most advanced recurve riser Hoyt has ever designed. The bow's 3.8-pound (without accessories) weight sweetens the spec pot. I often heckled Dwight about his bow choice not because his bow was a Hoyt but because it was a Hoyt budget bow. New to the Carbon Express lineup for 2023 is the Maxima Photon SD, the latest and greatest micro-diameter model from the popular arrow makers. The SL Sidebar fixture mounts through the riser to keep the weight below the shooters hand while providing super lockdown power so your stabilizer stays in place. Those who shoot Bear know these bows are durable and dependable, and the new Refine EKO is fast, too, at 342 fps. WE ARE A PROUD AUTHORIZED DEALER OF ELITE COMPOUND BOWS. How? The limbs, pockets, and cams have all been widened to create a more solid base for your shot. Torrex is the every mans bow that rolls up its cams and gets to work. Hoyt also offers a line of bow accessories, including stabilizers, quivers, sights and arrow rests, along with a variety of clothing for the target range, woods and for casual living. Hoyt didn't release their 2023 lineup yet. The 10-Foot Quad Pod Tower featurers a shooting rail right at the 10-foot mark, a pair of swivel seats, and four different mounting locations so you can set up your particular hunting situation as you see fit. This page is for information, pictures and buzz we hear about 2023 compound and recurve target and hunting bows. ago. Two different options for axle to axle length. Or, send us a message. The Carbon RX7 will only have cosmetic changes and they will bring in a kids bow called the KOBALT. Bear divergent compound bow right hand 70# . Overall, I had a very pleasant shooting experience. Limb Fitting . Speed is rated at 342 fps ATA for the VTM 31 and 334 fps for the VTM 34. I've dropped mine out of treestands, down rock slides, in rivers, etc. As tough as the limbs on this best budget bow are, the riser is even tougher. And Bear purports that its new Vibration Reduction System reduces vibrations by up to 25%. There was a small bump in the handle at the shot with almost no detectable vibration. Stratos 36 HBT 318. Hoyt has long been a leader in carbon-riser bows, and the company's new-for-2022 REDWRX Carbon RX-7 ($1,849) represents the culmination of several years of behind-the-scenes design and testing . All Rights Reserved. Here, Lynn Burkhead talks with Garrett Grey as he introduces the newest member of the Rare Breed series of calls an aluminum version for louder calling situations to go along with the popular slate and glass models. News; Contact; Store Information; We have some in stock in granite finish. Archery Range Update. The EKO cam system has been at the forefront for the top end models. Evansville, IN (October 5, 2021) Bear Archery, a leader in innovation and producer of some of the industry's most popular archery equipment is proud to introduce another strong performing and technology loaded lineup of bows and accessories for 2022.The eighty-nine-year-old archery company announced the addition of more than 10 new bow models across their compound, traditional, and . Based in Salt Lake City, Utah, the company has been manufacturing bows since 1931. The Picatinny Sight Mount keeps the weight of your sight off the side of your bow, putting it all in-line with the riser for better balance, less weight, and greater stability. And for the Mathews fans out there, it doesnt disappoint. New to the lineup is the Raider 400 De-cock which follows up a successful campaign with the Raider 400 a year ago the Blackhawk XP, and the Rampage XS. When you look at, shoot, and experience the new VTM 31 or 34, Hoyt wants you to think high performance, integration, flow, system, alignment and synergy. The biggest improvement in the Refine bow is its heavily damped vibration. There are a lot of great bows on the market, and they were all on display at the recentATA show. ago. Brodie and his family live in the Kentucky Lake area of west Tennessee. The Ventum Pro 33 has a 6.375-inch brace height, 4.67-pound mass weight and accommodates draw lengths from 26-31 inches. This is designed to feed an electronic sight trigger cord through, like the Garmin, to keep it out of the way but still optimally located. 2022 PSE Carbon Levitate Released. camo options. Shop near me sells all 3. The hub was also designed to position the string for an optimal center shot and sight picture. The bow is available in peak draw weights of 40, 50, 60, 65, and 70 pounds, and the 26 to 30-inch draw-length range is adjustable in 1/2-inch increments without the need for a bow press. Many flagship models tip the scale over four pounds, so you need to notice when you find a budget compound bow with this type of weight and measurement. Muley Freaks Erik Van Woerkom Charged With Felony Possession of Trophy Mule Deer, The Biggest Improvement to My Camp Kitchen Is a Mini Pizza Oven (But Not for Pizza), Get Up to 60% Off at REIs End of Season Clearance Sale, VanDOit Moov Builds on Adventure-Ready Ford Transit Trail, Avalanche Outside British Columbia Resort Buries 10, Kills 3 Heli-Skiers, Length: 30 & 34 Ultra (below stats match order of bow length), Length: 29 & 33 (below stats match order of bow length). When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission, which supports our community. Quivers, sight attachments, and more are consistently changing toward a better, sleeker build. Hoyts easily adjustable quiver system gives you free rein to tailor your overall setup to your liking and obtain optimal bow balance. W. Mathews Customer Service Feedback . Rating: 0%. . In addition to stealth, the Carbon RX-7 got a more streamlined IN-LINE Accessory System, an even smoother new HBX Pro Cam System, a new Vital Point grip, and a significant weight reduction. Another new feature on the RX-7 is the Vital Point Grip with enhanced comfort and a flatter angle that focuses hand pressure in the center for reduced hand torque. Another cutout, the Tunnel, is located on the front of the riser just above the shelf. Come join the discussion about optics, hunting, performance, troubleshooting, styles, reviews, accessories, classifieds, and more! Accuracy is the foremost of their focus in all of their bows. How? At only 48", Bear's Supermag 48 Recurve Bow is one of the most compact bows around. When looking at the RX-5, you can get either the 30 axle-to-axle bow, or the RX-5 Ultra at 34 axle-to-axle. Hoyts exclusive Picatinny Rail Mounting Systemwhich was introduced in 2021is now even more streamlined. Check them out and our other 2023 bows here. The bows are finally here, and below youll find a quick look at what the new bow lines are all about. 2022 Flagship Compound Bow Trends. This affordable hunting bow features Hoyt's legendary Cam & 1/2 System a design that fuses the top and bottom cams to ensure those cams unleash fury at the same time. 2024 Trade Show. If your hunting location has a need for an elevated blind, Rhino Treestands has something new just for you. Would like to see that link. This allows for a lighter weight rest that doesnt add extra bulk to the side of your bow and adds unmatched lock-down strength and uncompromising performance. FILTER BOWS FILTER BOWS. Known for their quality innovation at an affordable price, Wicked Ridge Crossbows is set for a big 2023. GearJunkie Copyright 2013 2023. We suggest you frequently check back here to get the latest. Basically an updated Alphamax 32. Beyond that, there have been some notable changes in the risers structure. Impressive. You are wrong. Abbey Archery will bring you the full details as we learn them and we will be sure to include top quality photographs and our own comments. The new Mach 34 is $100 more than the Mach 1. No more yokes to utilise for cam lean and tuning, but spacers in their place. Let FeraDyne's Kimber O'Dell and Editor Christian Berg give you a closer look. Christian Berg caught up with Tethrd's Greg Godfrey about the company's latest offering the LockDown Saddle that focuses solely on hunter comfort. 2022 Hoyt Altus Target Bow- 50 to 60 lb- 28.5"-30" Draw- Original MSRP $1300! The Mathews V3X builds on 2020s V3 model with the V3X version. Hoyt continues to raise the dang bar on what it can do with carbon elements, improved performance, and continually refined details. Rated 5.00 out of 5 based on 33 customer ratings. Equipped with the Dyna-Tek Slick Shield coating to aid in penetration and removal from range targets, the LRT's are also offered with a one-piece insert component system. Adding to this best budget compound bow's toughness are the Parallel Split Limbs and Tec-Lite Riser. Clearance - Hoyt Compound Bows. Instead of including the Picatinny attachment, Hoyt machined the Pic Rail into the riser itself. Hoyt Archery makes an array of compound and recurve bows for bowhunters, target archers and recreational shooters. I can barely tell a difference in the Hoyt bows from 6-7 years ago to now. "Budget bow is just a name," Schuh told me while hunting mule deer with me near my Colorado home. The Unite is also available in E2, EC2, and S2 cam options, so you can build a bow . 12-Dec-22. NEW IN BOX Bowtech Revolt . Your email address will not be published. We'll have the details tomorrow morning. Hoyt outfits their VTM with the HBX Pro Cam, which was designed to have an improved vibration profile, a smoother draw and easier tunability while also weighing less than its predecessor. They are coming out with a new bow. Hoyt has followed up a successful run with its Ventum series with the launch of the new VTM 31 and VTM 34 for the 2023 season. Hoyt Altus SVX Compound Bow - Cam 3. I was hopping along the same line but a newer model. New Tree Saddles, Treestands & Blinds for 2022, Everything You Need to Know About Scent Control, New Deer Management Study: Small-Antlered Bucks & Stump Sprouts, Where to Shoot a Deer: Bowhunting Shot Placement, Lightest Carbon Express Hunting Arrow Yet, Digital React One Pin: Fastest Setup Available. All Petersen's Bowhunting subscribers now have digital access to their magazine content. See graphic below for available lengths and other specs. Required fields are marked *. Hoyt Archery - November 18, 2022. Hoyt's premier flagship REDWRX Carbon RX-7 got a complete redesign for 2022 with major upgrades, including a 24 percent reduction in sound. Rogers, MN- 763-400-8826 Waite Park,. The new Hoyt RX-5 and Ventum are no different in this way. It is pretty top-heavy, so I do shoot it mostly with the 12" sidebar to help balance everything out. Founded in 1931, Hoyt is the leader in archery innovation and engineering. One of our most tried and true In-Line features is the Integrate Rest Mounting System. This bow works as good for beginners as it does for sage veterans like the great, late, Dwight Schuh. package, its everything you need. Will we see the same option available again for 2022? This, in Elites words, creates a rock-solid platform.. Nearly every brand touts moving toward a really smooth and balanced shooting platform. Almost as boring as Bowtech's unveiling. Ive said this a few times Ill say it again. Hoyt reintroduced Buckskin as a colour option and also offered Wilderness which has been widely popular. Their patent pending Powershift Technology allows you to switch between a "comfort" draw cycle with 85% let-off, or a "performance" draw cycle at 83% let-off. Of course, you can have all the fancy-to-do technologies in the world, but what matters is the question: Is the bow accurate, durable, dead in hand, and quiet? Luckily for you, all these bows are already available and on the market for 2022. $999.99. Do you think Hoyt will launch the Invictas' replacement this year? In addition to stealth, the Carbon RX-7 got a more streamlined IN-LINE Accessory System, an even smoother new HBX Pro Cam System, a new Vital Point grip, and a significant weight reduction. If you're looking for an under-$800 compound that will answer the hunting bell season after season and shoot as good as many flagship models, the Torrex is your bow. When all is said and done, the Hoyt designs and features were tested and reported as a 31-percent reduction in hand shock vs. the Ventum Pro! Coupled with a smooth draw cycle, a longer axle-to-axle length, and an improved line damping system, this bow is reputed to be like butter to shoot. All Rights Reserved. Featuring new Phase Resistance Dampening technology incorporated into the bow limbs, Mathews touts the Phase 4 as the quietest, most vibration-free hunting bow in company history. Other enhancements include a lighter and smoother HBX Pro cam system, a newly adjustable Superlite quiver system, a lowered stabilizer location, and a new grip system. The Redline RL-1 Carbon Quiver is a six-arrow quiver measuring 20 inches long, but only weighing 9.7 ounces, thanks to all the carbon in its construction. Truly innovative! This refined, smooth-shooting design comes with two different modules to maintain optimal performance no matter your draw length. A nice comfortable draw is followed by a snappy release and very little post-shot vibration. Mark November 1, 2022. Now, one of the most recognizable arrow makers in the sport has continued that line with the Pierce LRT shafts. Known for their quality innovation at an affordable price, Wicked Ridge Crossbows is set for a big 2023. Hoyt RX-5. Additionally, she served a year as an AmeriCorps VISTA volunteer in Bridgewater, MA, coordinating volunteers for a therapeutic recreational facility. As the editor of a national bowhunting publication and hosting a top-level outdoor television show, Schuh could have shot any bow he wanted. Read reviews on Compound Bows for 3D, Target Archery and Bowhunting. This is the area on many bows where cracks, splits, and bad things happen. And so, the brand created a platform where the limbs are wide, the riser is longer and straighter, and the weight is centered over the grip and behind the shooter. Shooters looking for a longer axle-to-axle bow should check out the 34" Ultra, while speed demons would be better served looking at the 31" Turbo in order to register really impressive chrono readings. We suggest you frequently check back here to get the latest. At 31.25 inches between the axles and with a 3.8-pound mass weight, the Black Mamba 31 is also compact and maneuverable. Who doesnt love a vintage camo moment? New for 2023, the Hoyt Stratos features all-new riser geometry and a new cam on the HBT models. Either way, we are eagerly waiting to see what comes to light. | 2021 was a big year for Hoyt with the introduction of a no yoke cam system for their flagship Aluminium and Carbon hunting bows. Only time will tell, but we won't have to wait long. The Ventum Pro is Hoyts aluminum riser option for 2022. 2023 Archery Business All Rights Reserved Why is this important? Anyone heard an actual release date? Will the Conquest 4 stalwart make the catalogue once again? With the FUSE accessory -decals broadheads chestguards camo clothing-stands-calls feathers-vanes-arrow wraps finger tabs fletching jigs gloves quivers release aids sights-scopes-optics-peeps stabilisers-v bars-weights string materials servings-jigs . So either buy a used Ventum or new 2022. Hand Held Release Aids; Wrist Release Aids; Release Aid Parts; Quivers. $1,749.00 - $1,874.00. Our new hunting bows are the quietest, smoothest and fastest bows we've ever built. Most say the love the new Ventum. PLEASE CALL OR STOP INTO YOUR CLOSEST ARCHERY COUNTRY TO PURCHASE OR ORDER. Pretty cool stuff. We take a tireless approach in developing. >EXPLORE VTM Series, 13 HUNTING FINISHES AVAILABLE For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Best Complete ILF Bow: Hoyt Satori; Best Custom: Wengerd . Abbey Archery: Australia's largest Archery Company since 1975. Hoyt continues to raise the dang bar on what it can do with carbon elements, improved performance, and continually refined details. - S. Pope. It's set up just right, and it puts arrows where I want them. Take a look at the specs on these below. Part of this strategy is moving the stabilizer location lower and further forward, which increases the effectiveness of the included 2.25-inch Short Stop Stabilizer to that of a 6-inch stabilizer. This represents a major shift for Hoyt and is expected to benefit its dealers, allowing them to maximize sales opportunities through the hunting season and the holidays. The 10-Foot Quad Pod Tower featurers a shooting rail right at the 10-foot mark, a pair of swivel seats, and four different mounting locations so you can set up your particular hunting situation as you see fit. https://mountain-archery.com/bows.aspx Come into the stor. Click below to subscribe to the best e-newsletter ever. As always Hoyt produces bows of fantastic quality and we cant wait for the 2022 launch to come around. 2023 Abbey Archery Pty Ltd. All rights reserved. PSE Mach 6 bow package release arrows broad heads sight quiver stabilizer 70-80. :) From: Matt. ), it's very apparent that the needs of bowhunters were at the center of the thought process. The bow comes in two different options, the Ventum Pro 30 and the Ventum Pro 33. Check out the video straight from the show floor of the Indiana Convention Center to find out! The Hoyt Carbon RX-7 recorded the fastest arrow speed of the flagship bows the author has tested this fall. In addition to weight reduction and better overall balance, these connections are also more secure, repeatable and precise, giving the shooter a further edge. The 2023 Prime REVEX is the most stable and accurate platform on the market. VerticalScope Inc., 111 Peter Street, Suite 600, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada. Versatile in both draw length and draw weight it is a bow that is built to fit a myriad of archers. The launch is in the very near future and we are just going to have to wait and see. |, Record-Breaking Attendance at Kinseys Dealer Show 2023 and Other Industry News, Arcus Hunting Names New CEO and Other Industry News, Victory Archery RIP-SS Carbon/Stainless Hybrid Hunting Arrow, Clearance Pricing Tips for Archery Dealers. Maybe do away with Hoyt shims and come up with something similar to the Bowtech technology?? The new lineup includes the ever-popular Bear Claw quiver in 3- and 5-arrow options, the Soft Loc Classic in 3- and 5-arrow options and the flagship Power Loc 4-arrow quiver. I spent much of the 2021 bow season hunting with the Hoyt Ventum 30, which debuted the brand's binary HBX cam system. This model is 33 inches axle to axle and has a 6.375-inch brace height. Turkey season is quickly approaching and the folks at Primos are at it again. If your hunting location has a need for an elevated blind, Rhino Treestands has something new just for you. They all kept working, not just working, but performing like I'd just taken them out of the bow press after a final tune. Hoyts riser design also moves the center of gravity lower for better stability and performance. Buy Now. Mathews / Bowtech/ Hoyt / Elite drop out of 2022 ATA 6" . Alpine quivers are designed to be lightweight with easy-to-use bracketing systems while maintaining excellent value to the archer. I've trusted Tec-Lite risers many times during my bowhunting tenure, and they've always performed brilliantly. Editor Christian Berg and FeraDyne's Kimber O'Dell show you all the features of the new Rhino 100 See Through Ground Blind at the 2023 Archery Trade Show in Indianapolis, Indiana. Im debating on buying a Ventum 33 now or waiting to see whats next. The bow's grip must feel perfect. Altus Gets a New Engine. Holding on target is easy as my V3 isn't the lightest bow in the world by any means. REGISTER YOUR BOW SAFETY . Friend of mine ordered a bow a few weeks ago and the dealer asked my friend last week do you want the Invicta or the new bow coming out in 2 weeks. According to Prime, the Inline series is its most accurate bow series to date because of this. Meticulously engineered to Nock On's specification, the Unite is built to get the job done in the field, delivering maximum forgiveness with greater speeds. Where Do I Put My Feet When Tree Saddle Hunting? Guess what? We put this compound bow through its paces for this review and came away impressed. This makes it a user-friendly choice for trips to the . November 18, 2022 By Jon E. Silks. Check here for the NEW 2022 Mathews V3X Bow - Archery Compound Bow - See the new // V3X Hunting Bow // - ALL here [ Photos ] [ Videos ] [ Specs ] . Hoyt Carbon Technology has a whole vibe of its own. Elite also looks to microadjustments with this bow. hoyt carbon rx7 ultra. All the other bows (except the Torrex) are at least 1# heavier than they should be. The new Inline Cam System is where things really change in this series. . Breaking Archery NEWS! Perfect does it again. Check out the video straight from the show floor of the Indiana Convention Center to find out! We suggest you frequently check back here to get the latest. Any company that decides not to produce a new bow will unfortunately be at a disadvantage in 2022. We expect new releases from Hoyt, Bear, Bowtech and Mathews over the next few months. Here is their pre-launch video: The time is here for the new line up of Bear bows to hit the market, with the launch date due for October 5th. Hoyt just released their 2023 range of hunting and target bows. And the biggest change on the bow is its Bridge-Lock Sight technology that allows a dovetail sight attachment to connect directly to the riser of the bow for better balance. 08-Dec-21. While we cannot sell these bows online, please visit one of our stores to speak with one of our archery experts. The good news: This affordable hunting bow has an outstanding grip. You'll certainly be glad you did. Will 2022 see the introduction of a new model to take over or will the Cruzer G2 remain the dependable and well known option from Bear. What good is an expensive new bow without great arrows to go with it? Mathews Archery - November 15, 2022. . Often, he didn't. 2022. ncavi8tor. For more info: wickedridgecrossbows.com. New to the Carbon Express lineup for 2023 is the Maxima Photon SD, the latest and greatest micro-diameter model from the popular arrow makers. This just might be Gold Tip's most advanced long-range hunting arrow yet. Explore Stratos > Altus Gets a New Engine. I just hope they dont make minor improvements to Ventum. Hitting a top speed of 327 fps (ATA), the 7-inch brace-height bow isn't a flamethrower, but Hoyt didn't design the Torrex to break radar screens. All rights reserved. PSE continues to double down on its Nock On partnership with professional archer and educator John Dudley. Add an inch to each of those lengths for the VTM 34. Solid colors include Black Out, Buckskin and Wilderness. Most bowhunters are familiar with the popular Pierce arrow lineup from Gold Tip. To that end, they have tricked out their aluminum flagship with technologies and accessories in pursuit of that goal. Sign up for our newsletter and be the first to know about new product, Hoyt Store sales, and insider content. The all new CORE cam system features draw length specific mods that allows the REVEX to reach maximum efficiency at every . I'd assumed something new was coming, one of our major retailers over here has just put the Invictas on clearance (not that you could get one lately). A true sportsman counts his achievements in proportion to the effort involved and the fairness of the sport. The Ventum Pro is available in two models a 30-inch axle-to-axle version with an IBO speed rating of 342 fps and a 33-inch axle-to-axle version with an IBO speed rating of 334 fps. New upgrades and improvements for 2022 take things to the next level for Hoyt to deliver a greater shooting experience. James Mogle from Trophy Ridge and OSG's Lynn Burkhead run through the features of the Digital React One Pin bowsight. Pair it with the new Gobstopper Strutter Decoy and you just might be in business. The dovetail mount is machined into the bow, directly in-line with the riser. What will Mathews bring out for 2022 that is going to top the success of this year's V31 and V27 bows? Bear are truly the market leaders when it comes to producing high end quality items at affordable prices. FerrumVeritas 5 mo. From 2014-2017, Nicole worked for ZPZ Productions. Still, 300 fps with an average-weight hunting arrow at 70 pounds draw weight and 29.5-inches of draw length is pretty darn fast. Hoyt Formula. $29.99-$54.99 | alpinearchery.com. I still shoot the Carbon Defiant 31 #3 cam 60-70#. Hoyt's popular VitalPoint grip makes a return on the VTM, with a change in the handle machining to make the front of the grip match the RX-7 version. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); Brodie Swisher is a world champion game caller, outdoor writer, seminar speaker and Editor for Bowhunting.com. I hope its October but I think they moved to January to give dealers more time to push them out the door. KTM_350 5 mo. Bow / Hunting V3X 29. After the success of the V3 this year, we cant wait to see what is on offer for 2022. Hoyt Carbon Bows are the most advanced . The Stay-Afield System is one that stands out in the 2022 lineup, and its available with the V3X for a mere $40 upgrade. We can look at their history with their "flagship" target bows. Click below to subscribe to the best e-newsletter ever. The last new colour we saw from Mathews was Green Ambush. Based in Montana, Nicole is an avid hunter and angler. Grand Prix (ILF) Limb Fitting System. There's an identical, 3-arrow version that weighs 6.5 ounces if you want to cut even more weight. Available in an ultra-agile, 27-inch axle-to-axle version, as well as an ultra-stable, 31-inch axle-to-axle version, the V3 is built using an all-new Extended Bridge Riser that . Updated Jul 28, 2022 1:15 PM EDT The Best Recurve Bows of 2023. . Got a question, can't see what you want or, need help? New solid colour option. FeraDyne's Chris James shows Editor Christian Berg the lightest hunting arrow Carbon Express has ever produced during the 2023 ATA Show in Indianapolis. And the overall minimizing of friction and vibration in the Levitate is reflected in the Dead Frequency logo stamped into the high-end carbon. The Fora platform includes forum software by XenForo. The result? Abbey Archery will bring you the full details as we learn them and we will be sure to include top quality photographs and our own comments. Hoyt Archery have just released their new 2022 bows, the Carbon RX7 Ultra, Carbon RX7, Ventum Pro 33, Ventum Pro 30 and Altus+FX. This is a Bow Battle of 4 Flagship Bows from 4 of the top manufacturers. FPS (ATA) 36 1/2" Axle to axle. Included is Hoyt's new HBX Pro Cam System: Mathews Archery have just released their new 2022 bows, the Mathews V3X 33 and the Mathews V3X 29. With 180 degrees of see-through mesh technology as well as a silent entry system (no zippers, no Velcro, etc. I would like to see the rx5 shave about a pound off of weight, then it would make sense to have a carbon Hoyt, they need to go back to spyder specs. The Refine EKO is available now at your local Bear retailer. We are a proud authorized dealer of Mathews, Hoyt, PSE, Elite, Athens and Bowtech compound bows. Jmo. To get started, click the link below to visit mymagnow.com and learn how to access your digital magazine. Instead, Hoyt built this best compound budget bow to be the complete bowhunting package a tough-as-nails rig that blends smoothness, speed, and an ultra-quiet shot into a compound that wears an under-$800 price tag. Join other Outdoor Retailers who already get great content delivered right to their inbox.

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